Tenth Mountain Division Foundation, Inc.

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Announcement:   SkiLogik and the 10th Mountain Division Foundation, Inc. announce production of a special commemorative 10th Mountain Division ski.  SkiLogik, makers of exceptionally performing skis that double as art, is in the final design phase of production.  The skis will be available for purchase only on line at  www.skilogik.com.  These skis will be available in a limited special edition production run starting September 1, 2014.  Part of the sales proceeds will benefit the 10th Mountain Division Foundation, Inc. Watch for more information on the specific design being offered in future announcements.


Sempre Avanti!

The World War II soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division would say, “Sempre Avanti!” or “Always Forward!”

Now, the Tenth Mountain Division Foundation carries forward the legacy and memory of America’s WWII winter warfare soldiers.

The Mission of the Tenth Foundation memorializes the glorious history and exceptional achievements of the World War II 10th Mountain Division and perpetuates its memory for future generations.


As part of the mission, the Foundation has three key functions:

1.  Memorials to Honor the Soldiers Description: http://deeswebs.startlogic.com/foundation/clip_image001.jpgWho Made the Ultimate Sacrifice:  The Foundation maintains a Memorial at Tennessee Pass in Colorado.  In addition, each year on Memorial Day, the Foundation places flowers on the graves of the 10th Mountain Division soldiers in the American Military Cemetery near Florence, Italy.


Description: https://encrypted-tbn2.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS9QJ2wq5LV7pLvDMw4MfsVih7Ek8HfyDczEjjynyv18LrBbV8fBw2.  Scholarships to Educate Future Generations:  The Foundation offers scholarships to descendants of the soldiers of the WWII 10th Mountain Division.



Description: http://deeswebs.startlogic.com/foundation/clip_image003.jpg

3. Projects that further the 10th Mountain legacy: The Foundation considers worthwhile projects that support its mission.